#76 Timmermans – Tradition Geuze Lambic

Name: Geuze
Brewery: Timmermans (Belgium)
Style: Geuze
ABV: 5%
Source: Regional Wines

OK. I really don’t have much time so I will try to get through this post without going off on any tangents about why I was drinking Geuze instead of something somehow rugby related, or how this is Dad’s favourite style of beer but that I shunned it for ages because I associated it in my mind with the Timmerman’s Peche which I always found way too sweet – but actually if I went back and drank that now I’d probably quite like it because I’m always changing my mind about everything and-


On Sunday I drank this Geuze – I need not explain why. It poured a deep golden colour, slightly hazy from sediment, with a decent white head. It smelled like apple cider (real cider, not that Strongbow crap that I used to drink in London sometimes), with a hint of vinegar.

The taste is mostly of apples – slightly sweet at first, then acidic. It’s quite woody too – oak barrels I suppose. There’s something else… something I can’t quite put my finger on… hay? horse? Something a little farmy anyway.

In the mouth it feels light, dry, and quite fizzy. It’s cleansing and crisp, with quite a long, sour finish.

Do I like it? Yes I do. I understand there are more interesting (and probably more challenging) Geuze’s out there – that this is perhaps a gateway Geuze – but they’re so damn hard to find that I don’t have any others to compare it with.

And that’s got me thinking… Dad has lots of apple trees… Maybe we’ll just have to make one?

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