#310 Epic – Lager

Epic Lager Name: Lager
Brewery: Epic
Style: Lager
ABV: 5%
Source: Vic Park NW

Apologies for the four-day posting hiatus –  but I promise I’ve been busy doing lots of important things and definitely didn’t spend the majority of the weekend in bed hungover watching 50 million episodes of Downton Abbey and eating chips. Definetely not.

OK so I did exactly that and I feel suitably ashamed. But Finn has gone away for his usual 5 week winter tour, and while I’m sure that will lead to amazing blog productivity soon, he doesn’t like Ready Salted or period dramas so I had to take advantage.

So, the Epic Lager is a pretty mainstream craft beer, and you might wonder why I haven’t blogged about it or even tried it before now. There is no reason really, other than that the ‘L’ word might have put me off a little. Why get the Lager when I could get a Pale Ale instead?

But surprise surprise, this was much hoppier than any lager I’ve had before. It’s probably hoppier than any lager ought to be, but really who cares? It was all the more enjoyable for it.

I got lots of citrus and grassy hops on the nose as well as a little lychee (though I did wonder if this was the gewurtz I’d been drinking earlier). In the mouth it was fruity and a little sweet, with a clean and lightly bitter finish. The flavours were similar to the Pale Ale, but it was less hoppy and a little crisper. I really liked it actually. I may order this over the Pale Ale in future.

Righty-ho, I have a date with the Earl of Grantham and a cup of tea. More beer/less excuses tomorrow!

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#140 Grupo Modelo – Modelo Especial

Name: Modelo Especial
Brewery: Grupo Modelo (Mexico)
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.4%
Source a bar in Condesa, Mexico City



So this is the first beer I drank in Mexico City, and while it was pretty crappy, it was at least big.

Really big in fact. I accidentally ordered Uno Litro thinking it would be a jug of beer that I could share with my boyfriend, but in fact it was this colossal thing that near snapped my puny wrists every time I lifted it.

Looking back at my notes I see I wrote 3 words: “tastes like lager”. By which I mean it was yellow & fizzy with an aroma of hay and cereal and a taste of soda water. No surprises really, Grupo Mordelo make Corona, and while I think this was slightly better, the distinction was minimal.

I didn’t care anyway. I was just happy to be in a rowdy Cantina, eating barbecued seafood and not understanding a word anyone was saying. It was bliss.

PS – I’ve since learned a good trick for dealing with lagers like this: just add lime juice, Maggi sauce, chilli and Worcestershire, salt the rim of the glass and voila – instant flavour!

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