#41 Guinness – Special Export Stout

Guinness Special Export StoutName: Special Export Stout
Brewery: Guinness (Dublin, Ireland)
Style: Stout
ABV: 8%
Source: The Beer Store

I said I’d drink a Guinness in honour of Ireland’s Saturday night victory, and drink a Guinness I did. I should point out now that I’m not actually mad on rugby, I just like seeing the underdogs win. Also I had this bottle of Guinness in the cupboard and I didn’t want to wait until St Patrick’s day to drink it.

This isn’t an ordinary Guinness, it’s a Guinness Special Export Stout. I bought it from The Beer Store who describe it as a “special version of bottled Guinness for Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.” Does that mean it wasn’t made for the Tauranga carpark where I drank mine?

It poured really thick and black  with a medium tan head, and I could tell as soon as I sniffed it that it was much bolder than regular Guinness. The first aroma was distinctively of Marmite, then caramel, chocolate, and all things dark and malty. The taste was similar, but heavy on roasted malt and really bitter.

While some Guinness drinkers might find this version a bit full-on, I personally liked it a lot more than the original. It has a full mouthfeel where I find normal Guinness a bit watery, the flavours are bigger, and it doesn’t have nearly as much of a metallic taste. The only disadvantage is that it’s damn strong, meaning you can’t knock it back like the other stuff.

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