#91 Green Man – Premium Pils


Name: Premium Pils
Brewery: Green Man (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Style: Pilsner
ABV: 5.4%
Source: Criterion Hotel (Oamaru)

In Oamaru on business. Blogging from phone. Too busy and important for complete sentences.

Had this Green Man Pils at the Criterion last night -Victorian pub with decent beer on tap. Had a pickled egg too – better than you’d think.

Pilsner probably pretty good if you like lager, but I don’t really. Crisp & refreshing and all that, just wanted more hop aroma and bite at the finish. Much preferred Finn’s Green Man Best Bitter – massive malt beast with a good dose of citrussy hops. Made him switch halfway through.

No more time. It’s all go here in Oamaru – meeting with the town crier in five. Lets hope I don’t fall off my Penny Farthing.*

*Update: That wasn’t a joke.  I did actually ride a penny farthing and it was bloody tricky. 

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