#34 Grand Ridge – WHOA!

Grand Ridge Wet-Hopped Oatmeal AleName: WHOA!
Brewery: Grand Ridge (Mirboo, Vic, Australia)
Style: Wet Hopped Oatmeal Ale
ABV: 4.9%
Source: McCoppins, Fitzroy, Melbourne

I was slightly suspicious of this beer because it’s called “WHOA!” and although I do use that word a lot when drinking beer, I like to be surprised and not have my WHOA!’s predicted for me.

Anyway, I drank this in a bit of a rush, while simultaneously shoving down a corned beef sammie before my guests arrived for “Lucky Beer Club” (which I’ll get to later).

I also still had completely clogged up sinuses so my usual finely tuned palate (ahem) was a bit dull. Nevertheless, this beer was interesting enough to make an impression.

The aroma – and in fact the taste – reminded me of the Mirimoto Soba Ale I had a couple of weeks back. I can’t think why because that was made with buckwheat and this wasn’t, but there you are. It had that same Grapetiser aroma, and the taste had delicate characteristics of tinned plums, honey, and grass or straw. While it started off sweetish, the finish was bitter and dry. Carbonation was quite high, and it had a smooth, medium-bodied mouthfeel.

It didn’t make me go “WHOA!” – my response was more like “Oh that’s quite interesting!” – but it gets the thumbs up.  I’d love to try it again when my head isn’t full of gunk.

So, that was the end of Australian beer week! Bloody Oath. From those I tried the Little Creatures Dreadnought and the Feral Hop Hog were my favourites, but I think the Little Creatures Pale Ale is still my number one by a hair.

As for Lucky Beer Club… That’s a little craft beer club that I’ve started up with the secret intention of turning all my friends into beer geeks. We had our first tasting session yesterday and it was a whole lotta fun. Proper write-up on to come when my friend sends me the pics! (sadly, I did not manage to get a video of people trying Rex Attitude – rest assured it was hilarious).

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#29 Grand Ridge Mirboo Madness

Grand Ridge Mirboo MadnessName: Mirboo Madness
Brewery: Grand Ridge (Mirboo North, VIC, Australia)
Style: American Red Ale
ABV: 6.0%
Source: McCoppins (Fitzroy, Melbourne)

It’s day 2 of Australia week, and I’ve just finished a bottle of “Mirboo Madness” – a beer which describes itself on the (somewhat cluttered) label as a “huge, hop driven red ale.”

I love really hoppy beers (see my background? One of my friends thought they were cabbages. They are not.) and have heard good things about the Red Ale style. I was therefore gearing myself up for another beer crush.

It poured a hazy red amber with a small white head. The aroma was really lovely – hoppy and honey-driven, with a bit of cereal or nuttiness on top.

The flavours I smelled came through in the taste, but were dulled down and disguised somewhat by bitterness. It was… quite nice, but not the hop explosion I had been anticipating. There was actually something  a little frustrating about it  – it started off so well, but then left me feeling unsatisfied. I think it was a little watery and needed a bit more punch if you know what I mean.

I also really wanted to use the term “dry as a dead dingo’s donga,” but this wasn’t the right beer for that, sadly.

Oh well. This beer didn’t quite do it for me, but according to Ratebeer it did it for everyone else. Maybe I’m just turning into an insatiable Hop Zombie?

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