#349 Garage Project – Double Day of the Dead

I tried to put some Mexican stuff around the beer. I did a bad job.

Name: Double Day of the Dead
Brewery: Garage Project
Style: Dunkler Bock
ABV: 8%
Source: garage Project

My greatest regret from GABS – aside from drinking a large IIPA which tipped me promptly from about a 3 to a 7 on the drunkometer – was not blogging about the Double Day of the Dead.

Thankfully, a recent request for final beer suggestions prompted Phil Cook (who now works for GP) to send me a bottle, along with a super bad-ass matching t-shirt. Fittingly, it is the first promotional t-shirt I’ve received that I would actually be seen dead in. (On that note, any X-L men out there with a penchant for polo shirts, get in touch.)

I love the joyful morbidity of Day of the Dead stuff, and bought truckloads of it back from Mexico when I visited in summer. We had a Mexican party a couple of months go, and our lounge is still decorated with some of the paper flowers, flags – even a homemade piñata which swings precariously above our heads while we eat.

I’m also a bit of a chilli fiend (though not quite at the level of Liberty’s Jo Wood), and like any self-respecting human I love chocolate. Suffice to say, this beer is right up my alley.

If you’ve ever had that Lindt chilli chocolate before, you have a fair idea of what drinking this is like. When it first hits your tongue there’s no heat, just chocolate (like real freshly-grated chocolate), a little roasted coffee and I reckon a subtle flavour of chillies – the dried ones that have been sitting in my pantry for ages and turn to powder if I crush them. It feels smooth and velvety, sweet and gently bitter. And then it’s there – that prickly rising heat at the back of my throat when I swallow, lingering long after it’s gone and making the time between sips almost as enjoyable as the sips themselves.

On second thoughts, it really blows that Lindt chocolate out of the water.

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#301 Garage Project – Oldham’s Farm

Name: Oldham’s Farm
Brewery: Garage Project
Style: Traditional Ale
Source: Galbraith’s Alehouse
ABV: 6.8%

I think I was already mildly drunk when I wrote my notes on this beer on my phone, because they consist almost entirely of heart emojis* and this little OMG face that looks like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”.

Oh-em-gee indeed, this beer was freaking delicious. So delicious that I had two pints during the rugby (it was on at Galbraith’s) and was too busy obsessing over it to notice all the cheering and table thumping going on around me. “Are you serious?” my sister replied when I asked who’d won the rugby. “Where have you been?”

I’d been in the land of deliciousness, that’s where. Oldham’s Farm is, according to this blog by the brewer, a wet-hopped beer. I’ve just now learned what that means, and it’s that the hops are picked and used at the peak of their freshness, rather than dried first. I don’t think I’d ever had a wet-hopped beer before, and I didn’t know this was one at the time, but something made this beer extra special.

The aroma was different to any other beer I’d smelled before. I imagine others would interpret it differently, but to me it smelled like fejoas and Fruit for Yonks. Remember Fruit for Yonks? They were those sticky strips of dried fruit that were about a metre long and always ended up in my hair. Then in the mouth there was this awesome malt that tasted just like an ANZAC biscuit – toasty, chewy, full of golden syrup. It was SO GOOD!

It wasn’t as insane as I’m making it sound either. It was well-balanced, a little bitter, and totally quaffable for a 6.8 percenter. I want more. I want it all. I want it now!

*Hi Grandparents! Emojis are little pictures that I can make on my iPhone – that black thing I’m always ‘playing’ on. Will call you from it soon. Love you!

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