#333 Independent Liquor – Boundary Road Red Baron

Boundary Road Red Baron Name: Red Baron
Brewery: Independent Liquor
Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 5.6%
Source: Waiheke Wines

If you go to Victoria Park New World and look at Boundary Road in the beer fridge, you can sort of see where it fits in to the whole brewing scene.

It’s not in the big fancy craft section – definetely not – but it is amongst the ‘craftier’ members of the commercial end. Mac’s, Monteiths, Boundary Road – they’re all together, probably not quite as close to the 8 Wireds and Epics as they’d like to be, but far enough from the Corona that they can still feel superior.

And the risk of over-extending this metaphor, I imagine Boundary Road averting it’s eyes as the NZ Pure passes by and waves – trying to pretend they do not come from from the same brewery, and that they did not once make out at a Vodka Cruiser illuminate paint party.

But where was I? Oh yeah. The Red Baron.

On the nose it was quite pleasant and smelled of caramel malt and citrus – nothing too punchy, but definitely real hops. On the palate it was a little disappointing – the mouthfeel was okay but it had a one-dimensional malt flavour, and a pithy bitter finish which I found a bit harsh.

All in all a bit meh I thought, especially for something marketed as a “Brewer’s Cut”. But then again, when you’re “cut” from the same cloth as NZ Pure, how good is it ever going to get?


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#66 Boundary Road – Flying Fortress

Boundary Rd Flying FortressName: Flying Fortress
Brewery: Boundary Rd (Auckland, New Zealand)
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 4.6%
Source: Cass & Finn

I’m going to have to really rush this one because I’m being picked up in 15 minutes to go and watch a Bollywood movie THAT I AM IN.

Yeah that’s right, did I mention I occasionally star in Bollywood movies? Probably not because that would be a gross exaggeration, but I was an extra in one while I was in India over the summer, and now it turns out the movie is playing right here in Auckland. Neat huh?

Anyway, I’m running out of time and this is a blog about beer for God’s sake and not about my own fleeting appearances in Indian musicals, so…

I came home tonight and found my flatmates drinking Boundary Rd Pale Ale – a beer that I’ve seen at the supermarkets but know nowt about. I thought it would be good to try it though, because it’s only 15 bucks for a six-pack, and lord knows I need to find a cheap beer to love.

It poured (after I removed the screw-cap) a deep amber colour – pretty dark for a pale ale, with a whisp of white head that diminished quickly.

It was probably a little bit cold, but I got a faint aroma of caramel and a bit of grapefruit hoppiness, as well as some metallic notes (I instantly feel like a wanker for writing that – why say “some metallic notes” when I really mean “metal”?)

It tasted pretty one dimensional – that one dimension being sweet. It wasn’t a good, malty sweet either – it was a sugary sweetness that I associate with big commercial brews. There was a bit of hoppy bitterness at the finish, but not enough to properly even the score.

This wasn’t an offensive beer, it was just boring and too sweet. You could do worse for the price – but then you could also buy a 6-pack of Mac’s Sassy Red and do a whole lot better.

PS – It’s later now and I Just got back from the movie. I saw myself twice! But it was terrible.

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