#6 Poretti Bock Rossa

Poretti Bock RosaName: Poretti Bock Rossa
Brewer: Carlsberg Italia (Lainate, Italy)
Style: Dunkler Bock
ABV: 6.5%

Much as I’d like all 365 beers on this blog to be lovingly produced by New Zealand craft brewers, there simply aren’t enough to get me through. And that’s why today’s beer is brewed by *rubs toe sheepishly on floor* Carlsberg Italia!

Hey, at least it’s not actually Carlsberg.

I’m pretty tired so I won’t ramble on. The Bock Rossa is an 1877 Dunkler Bock –  Dunkler means darker, and a bock is a strong German style lager.

It’s quite sweet and malty with some caramel/toffee flavours, but they disappears pretty quickly and give way to a taste which is kind of… metallic I think.  It had quite a light mouthfeel and wasn’t as full-bodied as I’d expected the it to be. I’d like to try other Dunkler Bock’s because something tells me this may not be the best example of the style.

Perhaps my enthusiasm is waning after drinking one too many beers this weekend… Or perhaps it’s all the fantastic New Zealand beers I’ve been getting used to that make this one seem weak (I know I said in an earlier post that I dislike patriotism. This doesn’t count!).

OK, I’m suddenly moments from falling into a deep coma. Better post tomorrow, I promise. Buona Notte!

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