#254 The Hite Company – Hite

HiteName: Hite
Brewery: The Hite Company
Style: Pale Lager
ABV: 4.5%
Source: Liquor Village Korean Restaurant

Guys, I did a bad thing.

On Friday of last week (April 20th), I, for the first time in Beer for a Year history, clean forgot to ‘do’ a beer.

Now please just calm down – there’s no need to cry or wring your hands in despair at my failings, because I think I may have just got away with it this time.

While I never ceremoniously chose, photographed, carefully tasted and made notes on a beer, it just so happened that I did drink some Hite at a Korean restaurant and I did take a photo in which it appears.


I’ll be honest, I’m in no position to properly judge the Hite because it was in fact mixed with soju. I drank it (sculled it, in truth) as part of a brilliant drinking game, whereby a shotglass is placed in a 3/4 full glass of beer, and then players take turn to pour soju into said shotglass until it sinks. Naturally, the person who sinks the soju must drink the mixture, so you could call it Korean Roulette.

In truth I like the  taste of Hite and Soju, which is probably because I associate it with birthdays and kimchi and sizzling spicy pork. It tastes as you might expect – like a pale lager, only sweeter and more alcoholic, not unlike the tramp juice you buy in 440ml cans from Countdown. (As I said, it’s the association I like rather than the actual taste.)

I hope you’ll all forgive me for my near botch up and non-description of the beer, hopefully I’ve made up for it by introducing you to your new favorite game. Please do try it at home!

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