#199 Hallertau – Copper Tart

Name: Copper Tart
Brewery: Hallertau (Auckland, NZ)
Style: Irish Ale
ABV: 4.2%
Source: The Golden Dawn

Perhaps this makes me some kind of idiot, but I find that I can’t really taste beer properly when I’m in a noisy, dark environment. (I also can’t hear properly when I’m wearing sunglasses or see with headphones in, so something is most likely wrong with me).

That’s why, when I had this Hallertau Copper Tart at Golden Dawn on Thursday night, it really could have been anything.

I sensed a teensy hit of chocolatey malt in the aroma and a lick of hop bitterness in the mouth, but mostly it just tasted like cold fizzy stuff, mixed with cigarette smoke and Fleetwood Mac.

I’ve had this in the past and remember it being quite nice – sessionable and pleasantly flavored – but with not as much chocolate or malt as I was hoping for.

So would I drink it again? The answer is yes, but only in a well-lit, non-smoking, silent room. Preferably I’d also be floating in body-temperature water so that none of my senses were distracted, but I’m yet to find a bar that offers this as an option.

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