#331 Flensburger – Winterbock

Name: Winterbock
Brewery: Flensburger (Flensburg, Germany)
Style: Heller Bock
Source: Victoria Park New World
ABV: 7%

I know I promised never to inflict any of my horrible haikus on the internet again, but I just wrote this really long boring post which I realised would be better expressed in just 17 words:

Why why why why why, 
Would you call it winterbock?
It’s not even dark. 

Grainy malt, sugar
Alcohol that burns my throat
Fooled by cute bottle.

Not exactly Bashuo Matsuo (and sure, I admit I Googled “famous Haiku poets”), but at least it was quick and painless!

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#177 Krombacher – Krombacher Pils

KrombacherName: Krombacher
Brewery: Krombacher Privatbrauerei Kreuztal
Style: Pilsner
ABV: 4.8%
Source: Te Aroha Countdown

– Cheap ($2.99)
– Big (750ml)
– German (so your friends think you’re fancy)
– Better than Steinlager, Heineken, Stella et al.

– Watery
– No real aroma
– No real taste
– Too sweet

Apologies, but I’m feeling so unenthused about beer after three days of drinking crap that I can only bring myself to describe it in list form. This beer has an even number of pros and cons, which means it was neither good nor offensive. It was simply there. 

Need. Good. Beer. Now.

(Please send help, preferably in the form of beer.)

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#162 Rother Bräu – Öko Ur-Weizen

Sorry about the terrible photo. Still no iPhone!

Name: Oko Ur-Weizen
Brewery: Rother Bräu (Hausen/Rhoen, Germany)
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.3%
Source: Regional Wines and Spirits.

Note to self: Do not pick beers purely based on their labels. (I got this one because it looked Christmassy).

Actually scrap that, picking beers based on their labels is awesome! What I really mean is: Decipher the weird German font and check that whatever beer you’re buying is not a Hefeweizen.

As far as Hefeweizen’s go this was actually one of the better one’s I’ve had. It did still have that same dishwater/wallpaper paste taste that I get with most wheat beers, but it was disguised with a bright, fruity sweetness (banana, orange and pinapple) along with doughy yeast and spices.

Overall I’d say he’s pretty fly for a wheat guy.


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#67 Brauerei Heller – Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier

Aecht Schlenkerla RauchbierName: Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock
Brewery: Brauerei Heller (Bamburg, Germany)
Style: Smoked
ABV: 5.1%
Source: Epic Beer HQ via “The Mule”

You can probably tell instantly that this photograph – with it’s perfect composition and notable depth of field – wasn’t taken by me.  No, I had to steal this one from the internet, because the only actual photographic evidence that I have of me drinking this beer is this:

Luke with Rauchbier

That’s not me FYI (I’m not that photogenic) – that’s Luke from Epic doing his best ever cute-face with the Rauchbier.

My memories of the beer are unfortunately about as hazy as that photograph. It was actually the last of many, many beers I tried on Friday afternoon at one of Epic’s “mule tastings” – which involved trying lots of incredible beer that their friend  (The Mule) had bought back from America. Probably the best form of ‘research’ I’ve ever witnessed:

Before I got to the Rauchbier...

I picked the Rauchbier to be the star of post #67 because a) it was the last one I tried and so can kind of remember it and b) because it was the one that stood out for me as being the most delicious.

I’ve had a few different smoked beers before and always loved them, but this was the first one I’d ever tried from the home of smoked beers, Bamberg in Germany. I think this one might even be the most famous example of the style – so it’s no wonder then that it was f***king delicious.

As I say my memories are hazy – but I do recall that it was incredibly meaty – like smoked ham hock in a glass. It had a creamy mouthfeel and a lovely caramel sweetness that carried the campfire/meat flavours beautifully. I only had a small glass as there were quite a few of us splitting it, but if I come across another bottle I’m not going to share it with ANYONE.

Cheers to Luke, Kelly and The Mule for all the great beers. Happy to help with the research any time!

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#7 Konig Ludwig Dunkel

Name: Konig Ludwig Dunkel
Brewer: Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg (Furstenfeldbruck, Germany)
Style: Dunkel
ABV: 5.1%

As the media and Facebook keeps reminding me, we are currently experiencing a “once in a lifetime” snowstorm in New Zealand, which means that even in the balmy city of Auckland it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.*

What I really wanted to drink tonight was a Renaissance Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. Something indulgent and toasty to ward off the chill. Unfortunately I got home to a cold dark house lacking in food and only this random dunkel that I picked up while tipsy in the weekend.

I drank this while nibbling on a miserable dinner of avocado on toast – not the ideal match by any means. It pours, err, the colour of coke, and has quite a loose, fluffy head. I got an aroma of malt, chocolate, and toffee, but the taste was a bit disappointing. Malty, kinda bitter, but not in the hoppy way that I like. It was also a bit thin and, like yesterday’s beer, metallic tasting.

So, two kinda disappointing beers in a row… Not the ideal way to end my first week, but I’ve still got 51 left to make up for it. Christ.

*I got this odd little expression from my friend Oliver. Apparently the brass triangles that supported stacks of iron cannon-balls on sailing ships were called monkeys and that in cold weather the metal contracted, causing the balls to fall off.
Is this blog educational or what!?

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