#244 Central City – Red Racer IPA

Red Racer IPAName: Red Racer IPA
Brewery: Central City Brewing (BC, Canada)
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.5%
Source: Matthew Searle

Eeek! I’m going to have to hurry through a few posts so that I’m not plagued with bad-blogger guilt tomorrow (my birthday, ahem), so apologies for brevity…

This beer deserves much more of a post than I can give it – it was sent to me all the way from Canada (via his visiting parents) from regular blog reader Matthew Searle.

While he insisted it was just a few things he had “knocking about in the fridge”, Matt seems to have known exactly what to send. For one thing – two of the three beers were in cans! I think cans are the bees knees!

This Red Racer IPA was in the best-looking beer can I’ve ever seen, and the stuff inside was pretty epic too. It reminded me of West Coast IPAs – hops that blast your tongue with grapefruit and pine resin, with just enough toffeeish malt to keep things sensible. Not something I’d drink all the time – but that night it really hit the spot.

And before I go a confession:  I couldn’t help swigging a few sips of this straight from the vessel. I know it’s a sin, but there’s something about taking a cool can from the fridge, cracking the tab and gulping back an amazing beer instead of the usual crap I’ve had form cans in the past. It’s a buzz guys, for real!

Huge thanks again to Matthew for this. I owe you three pints when you’re next in Kiwiland!

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