#262 21st Amendment – Back in Black

Name: Back in Black
Brewery: 21st Amendment (contracted to Cold Spring Brewery, San Fran)
Style: Black IPA
ABV: 6.8%
Source: Matthew Searle (Canada)

As with the last post, I am still rushing to get to a beer launch (Galbraith’s feat. Jo Wood – Yakima Monster!) so will not afford this post my usual ramblings and segues…

This is another of the beer’s sent to me by Matthew Searle in Canada. It’s a hoppy IPA in a can – ’nuff said.

Except unfortunately not ’nuff said, because what kind of beer blogger would I be if I left it there? I’d be a beer tweeter instead, which while still very admirable is not quite as- SEGUING ALICE, SEGUING.

Ths is the best black IPA I’ve had since the Yeastie Boys’. I’m tempted to say I like it more than theirs because it’s in a can, but I’m probably going to run into Yeastie Sam if I ever make it to this bloody launch so I won’t.

It really was delicious. It smelled of roasty dark malt and coffee, but with American Pale Ale hop notes of grapefruit and pine resin. In the mouth it was sweet and slightly chocolaty at first, before a dry bitterness took over for the finish. The body was creamy, and the balance of bitter and sweet was beautiful.

OK, so I didn’t actually like it quite as much as PKB (I think the PKB body is fatter, which I like), but the can bought the BIB damn close. Now off, off I go before I think of anything else to say!

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