#358 Valkyrie Brynhild – Golden Ale

Name: Golden Ale
Brewery: Valkyrie Brewing Co
Style: Golden Ale
ABV: 5%
Source: Vic Park New World

“A golden ale?” I hear you cry. “You have seven beers left and you’re drinking a golden ale?!” 

I’m drinking a Golden motherflippin’ Ale.

You could say there’s an element of guilt involved. I realized that although my blog tells me I’ve enjoyed plenty, I’ve never fully embraced or consciously sought out this style. I think that because they don’t have the “wow” factor of say, an IPA or a sour, I just lumped them into this “ale version of a lager” box without giving ever paying them much attention.

You could say that’s why I’m drinking this, or you could say I just wanted to showcase yet another beer brewed by a woman. In truth it’s a little of both.

Valkyrie’s Golden Ale is a perfectly pleasant one. On the nose I got lots of honey, gentle citrus hops and a little lagerish grain. In the mouth it was sweet and creamy, a little floral, and with a crisp bitter finish that set me up for the next sip.

It wasn’t in any way extroverted. It was like that affable, kinda-nerdy-but-funny kid at school that everyone gets along with. The Michael Cera of beers –  that’s golden ale.

This post’s thank you goes to a man who’s love for golden ales was probably never in doubt – Phil Cook. Phil is the author of my favourite beer blog “The Beer Diary”, which has been inspirational over the year in a very literal sense. Often if I was feeling too sluggish to write, and was in danger of just posting some dumb photo of a cat instead, I would go and have a read of The Beer Diary in order to recharge.  Then, spurred on by the power of his very good writing, I would go and post something marginally better than a picture of a cat. So thank you Phil, I owe you a few golden ales.

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  1. It’s sad that as you get closer to your final post, your blogging is getting better and better… perhaps it is the adrenaline of the final push.

  2. Aw, shucks. Thanks, Alice! Beer for a Year has been an inspiration and a constant reminder of the *fun* of doing this weird beer-writing-for-free thing on the rare occasions that seems to fade — and a motivatingly-embarrassing reminder of what kinds of posting schedules and promptness-es are possible.

    I hope you’re not leaving the beer writing community for good; your perspective and enthusiasm would be terribly missed if you ‘retired’ completely. And yes: let’s have golden ales — and non-golden ales, and golden non-ales and every other permutation — somewhen soon. You are joining us all for Beervana, right..?

    • Thanks Phil! I will abso-fucking-lutely be at Beervana and look forward to catching up over all manner of beers then.
      As for beer writing… I think I need a bit of a break for a while (certainly my liver does) – but somewhere, sometime, I’ll be back. 🙂

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