#356 Dr Hops – World Pale Ale

Dr Hops World Pale ALe Name: World Pale Ale
Brewery: Dr Hops (brewed at Invercargill Breweries)
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Source: Dr Hops

I was nervous that things might be getting a little stagnant by this stage – that I’d be scraping the barrel with Export Gold or those obscure Russian beers you find for $2 each on K Rd – but looky here: a brand new pale ale from a brand new New Zealand brewery!

I didn’t know who Dr Hops was until she Tweeted at me a few days ago, enthusiastically replying “drink me!” when I asked for beer recommendations. Obligatory Alice in Wonderland jokes were exchanged, and a few days later a bottle of her World Pale Ale arrived in the post.

Part of me wonders if I’m not meant to celebrate the fact the brewer behind Dr Hops, Nicky Claridge, is a woman – because I’m so PC that it’s not even a thing – but really that would be silly. The brewing world is still very much dominated by males and I do get excited when I see women at the helm of craft beer, especially when the beer is as good as this.

I was punched in the nose by passionfruit, with plenty of zesty citrus and sweet caramel in the background. In the mouth I got toffeeish, almost roasty malt, countered by a bitter citrus finish that lingered for ages on the tongue. It was refreshing, clean, and seriously tasty.

Hooray for “women in beer” and, more importantly, for a cool new presence on the NZ beer scene. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Doc, and await plenty more good things to come. No presh.

Today’s thank you goes to another woman in beer – Kate Jordan – who is the editor of the Soba newsletter, Pursuit of Hoppiness, and author of the sporadically updated but always interesting blog “Beer“. Kate has been generally cool and supportive, and welcomed me  into the Auckland beer geek circle when I first came knocking on its door, unannounced, last August. Kate has three hours left until she ends her Dry July campaign, and I look forward to buying her a beer (and then watching her inject it into her veins) when I see her next.

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