#354 Cavalier Beer – Cavalier Pale

Name: Cavalier Pale
Brewery: Cavalier Beer (Brunswick, Australia)
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5%
Source: The Den (Fitzroy, VIC)

Though I’m not a religious woman, I believe very strongly that Sundays should be a day of rest. I personally like to observe this by keeping my dressing gown on for the entirety of the day, refusing to leave the house after 5pm, and only ever eating slow-food that requires minimal effort to chew.

Which is why it was quite bizarre that I found myself in Australia yesterday, drinking a pot of Cavalier Pale at a pub called “The Den”. I was in Melbourne for 24hrs only, thanks to a last-minute decision by some friends to put me in their short film. I’d agreed to do this crazy thing on two conditions: that I could have a dressing gown between scenes, and that I could have one hour free in which to find a beer.

In truth I had been highly suspicious of the Cavalier – I thought it might just be some crappy Lion beer that The Den had rebranded as their own (you know how some pubs do that? Why oh why?) – but it turned out to be one of the best Australian beers I’ve tried.

It really reminded me of the Emerson’s Pilsner, even though I think the hops are different. It had a similar intense fruitiness, with those sauvignon blanc-like grassy notes as well. It was lovely in the mouth – smooth and well-balanced, with plenty of hoppy fruit flavour and a lengthy, but not aggressively bitter finish. If I hadn’t been tied to an utterly grueling schedule, I certainly would have had one more.

This post’s thank you goes to the one and only Kieran Haslett-Moore, who has commented a whopping 99 times and been a far more reliable fact-checker than Google. In fact, Kieran, maybe you can tell me why some pubs rebrand crap beer with their own in-house label, and how they’re even allowed to do that? That would bring you up to a far more satisfying 100 comments!

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  1. I just re-read this and would like to point out, before someone else does, that the dressing gown between scenes implies I was nekked during filming – but this is most definitely not the case. I’m far too sensitive to the cold for that sort of carry-on.

  2. I only just found this as a customer alerted me to the thank you! Your welcome! my pedantry is of use sometimes!

    As for rebranding, well there is no genius answer. The school of thought that runs/ran (hopefully its in the past) “beer is all the same its just the branding that matters” leads to base commodity being flogged off under different labels to unsuspecting punters. Enough of that.

    Good work on the blog Alice, I think you have brought a new perspecitve to NZ beer and thats great. Sometimes its easy for geeks, and pedantic beer bellyed chaps like myself to get wound up in our own world. I particulary have enjoyed the “beer as lover/partner/fling” analogies, very entertaining.

    Don’t give it up though! your to good for offal!

  3. 101 so there.

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