#351 Schipper’s Beer – Bohemian Rhapsody

Name: Bohemian Rhapsody
Brewery: Schipper’s Beer
Style: Vienna Golden Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Source: Niels Schipper

I was outside my work during a fire drill on Monday, when Niels showed up on his motorbike and handed me an unlabeled brown bottle. I’ve no doubt this looked exceedingly dodgy to my colleagues who were gathering outside the building, and I hastily stuffed into my bag.

He asked me to keep the beer upright, but as a modern day Woman-On-The-Go who carts beer around in her handbag and occasionally runs for buses, the instruction might not have been 100% adhered to.

It gushed at first (my fault, obviously) then poured a cloudy orangey gold, with a finger of white head. On the nose it smelled great – I got sweet bread dough, caramel and banana – a bit like a Belgian pale ale.

In the mouth it was medium-bodied and slightly creamy, malty and with not much hop flavour but a bitter finish. The only slight problem for me came at the very end, when there was an astringent note a bit like raw alcohol. It wasn’t anything major, but because the other flavours were quite delicate it was noticeable. (Sorry to pick holes, but that’s why people give me beer, right?)

Dad has often made suggestions for the blog over the year – some of which were horrible (“why not review my cider?”) – others which were not. One of the better ideas was that I start rolling out thank yous now, one per post, rather than doing them all at the end.

So, at the risk of trying to inflate this blog to Oscar-level importance, I’d like to dedicate this post to all the talented homebrewers who have been kind enough to give me beer over the year –  Niels Schipper, Douglas Horrell, David Ball, Stu Harwood, Dunc Blair, Martin Bridges, Zane Ralph, Richard Jack, Raffe Smith, and Dan Wilson. They’ve been the most fun beers to drink and in some ways the trickiest posts to write, but I have been seriously impressed by all of them. Thank you.

*Cue orchestra to play me off *

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  1. Seriously impressed that you have almost made it through a whole year of beer!! Glad I was able to be of assistance by providing some homebrew!

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