#345 Mussel Inn – Golden Goose

Name: Golden Goose
Brewery: The Mussel Inn
Style: Pale Lager
ABV: 4%
Source: Depot Eatery

By Jingo, By Crickey, I think I’ve found it – finally a lager to love!

I mean sure, I’ve raved about some pilsners and rauchbiers and plenty of other lager styles before, but a lager lager? I’m pretty sure this is the first. And just in the nick of time, what’s more, with no more than two weeks of the blog left.

I knew it was special as soon as I sniffed it – instead of the usual hay and grain and metal muck, I got sharp orange zest, fresh-cut grass and honey. In the mouth it was instantly delicious – creamy and full for a lager, yet clean and crisp at the same time. There was plenty of juicy citrus flavour from the hops, and a lovely honey sweetness to support it. I could drink this all summer long.

On another (loosely relevant) note, I went to a 90s themed party on Saturday night and successfully lowered the tone by singing Chumbawamba on karaoke. I have since had “She drinks a whiskey drink, she drinks a lager drink” in my head, which is still very annoying but now is at least true. She does drink those things.

PS – Just remembered I liked the Epic Lager a lot too. But that was way more hoppy right, almost not quite to style? For the sake of everything I’ve just written I’m choosing to discount it.

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  1. Let’s call Epic Lager a “New Zealand Pilsner” (in pleasant company with Emerson’s and Croucher’s pilses), and then, yeah; Golden Goose is the bestest golden lager / lager-lager we’ve got.

    • Is “pilses” the plural of pilsner? If it’s not, I’d like to vote for it as the official collective noun. Any idea where I’d register this vote?

      • It sure is. Just as bestest is the superlative form of best – at least in Beerforayear land.

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