#344 Leffe – Radieuse

Name: Radieuse
Brewery: Leffe (Leuven, Belgium)
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 8.5%
Source: Countdown Victoria St

You know how people love to use the word “busy”?
To complain and also brag about how frantically, painfully, wonderfully snowed under they are?

Well that’s me right now, I’m pleased to tell you – f l a t – o u t. As you can see from the nasty fluorescent lighting in the picture, I drank this beer at work. Drinking beer at my desk (outside of work hours that is, should my boss be reading this) has become an increasingly frequent practice of late, as I’m trying to catch up on posts and the unpleasantness of being at work  makes me type faster.

I picked up this bottle of Leffe Radieuse because it was one of the few single beers I hadn’t blogged from the city Countdown, and really just because I like the word Radieuse. True story.

It smelled sticky sweet and fruity. It may have been the label playing tricks with my mind, but I got berries and cherries and all things pink and purple. There was also toffee malt and that typically Belgian banana bread yeast.

In the mouth it was very sweet and malty, with a hint of tart cherry’s and licorice. At the finish it was quite dry, with a little raw alcohol note that reminded me that, oops! It’s actually 8.5%. No wonder I was slurring all through that meeting. (Just kidding. Outside of work hours – really.)

Leffe’s were my Belgian beer of choice when I was about 18, but I think I may be done with them now. They’re good beers I think, but a bit too sweet and alcoholic for this busy old-timer.

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