#325 The Kernel – Double Citra IPA

The Kernel Double Citra IPAName: Double Citra
Brewery: The Kernel (London, England)
Style: DIPA
ABV: 9.8%
Source: Georgia Bollinger

I don’t even know how to begin this post, because I’m worried I’ll get overly emotional and gushy and start weeping into my keyboard, or worse, write the whole thing in caps and end each! word! with! an! explanation! mark! and scare off any readers from coming back.

*Deep breath*

So just casually, this was an amazing IPA and maybe the second best I’ve ever tried after Pliny the Elder, and it was JUST SO DELICIOUS (oh no) THAT I CAN STILL TASTE IT 2 WEEKS LATER AND IT TASTES LIKE RAINBOWS!!!

Ok, let me try again. This beer – it was more like a nectar than a beer. A delicious alcoholic nectar that assaulted my nostrils with tangerine and mango and pineapple and pine needles and yes, a little bit of cat pee but only in a good way.

In the mouth it was sticky and smooth, with sweet notes of caramel and juicy tropical fruit building towards an epic resinous bitter finish. The flavours lingered on my tongue until I cut them off with dumplings (I was at Barilla) but not even Will Smith himself could erase the sweet taste from my memory…

Thank you SO! MUCH! to my lovely friend Georgia for sending this back from the UK for me. And if anyone else has friends visiting from the Motherland, I highly recommend nagging them to pop a bottle of Kernel beer in their bag. (And then I highly recommend that you send it on to me. Thanks!)

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I am heading off there next month, I will hunt this one out.

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