#324 8 Wired – Double Coffee Brown Ale

8 Wired Double Coffee Brown Ale Name: Double Coffee Brown Ale
Brewery: 8 Wired, made with C4 beans
Style: Coffee Brown Ale
Source: O’Carrolls Freehouse
ABV: 8%

Woah woah woah, stop the press. It’s a new beer from 8 Wired!

OK so it’s not brand new. And yeah everyone else has probably Untappd, Tweeted and Instagrammed it already, but I’m a bit behind the 8-Wired ball (*high-fives self*) and only learned of it’s existence when I saw it in O’Carrolls last week.

Like most people, I function at the level of a half-witted sloth before my first cup of coffee, and don’t become my usual self (a half-witted human) until I’ve had two. And yet, for some reason I’m not so jazzed about coffee beers. At the risk of sounding like I haven’t had my morning dose yet, I think it’s because they always taste so much like coffee. They’re sort of a bit obvious, you know?

But then – with everything there are exceptions, and you can count on Soren to have brewed one of them.

The coffee aroma was so fresh, like I was putting my nose in a bag of just-roasted beans, with subtle notes of chocolate and caramel lurking underneath. In the mouth it straddled the line between sweet malt and bitter coffee perfectly, but what really blew me away was the mouthfeel. So syrupy smooth, like chocolate milk, and punctuated by a gently roasty bitterness at the finish. It was the kind of beer you want to keep gulping just to feel it glide down your throat.

Half-way through drinking this, the O’Carrolls monthly quiz night started up and me and my friend decided to play. Our team, “Stephen Hawking’s Football Boots”, came second to last, so I wonder if all the alcohol in this beer might have reversed the usual effects of coffee and made us more sluggish. Or if that doesn’t sound plausible, it’s because there were only two of us, and they asked way too many questions about cricket.

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  1. With a team name like that I know exactly who your partner in trivia was. Glad to see the name continuing.

    • Hah! Yes she told me she used to play with you guys. Sorry for soiling the name with our miserable defeat!

      • Not to worry, we had more than our share of miserable defeats (and a couple of glorious wins!) under that banner.

  2. One of the best coffee beers I’ve tried, fo’ sure… I’m not enamoured by them gernerally, they’re usually too big and black to let any nuance of the coffee through. This one had a superb liquer note that you get off cold drip coffee (though, to grumble for a moment, I would prefer it in 330ml bottles… or smaller.. a Short Double Brown?).

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