#321 & #322 Niels Schipper – GP & SA

Name: SA100811
Brewery: Niels Schipper
Style: Strong Ale
ABV: 7.8%
Source: 6.57%

Much as it pains me to admit this, you’ll soon see (unless you skip this post – in fact why don’t you skip this post?!) that I sort of botched things up with  these two beers, the latter in particular. And even though I suspect people secretly like it when I stuff up, I feel bad for Niels that his beers have become victims of my own rampant disorganisation.

Enough beating around the bush though. The first beer, catchily named “SA100811”, was a strong ale, which I drank while having dinner with my boyfriend’s parents a couple of weeks ago. Because I was eating dinner I felt it rude to pull out my phone and make notes, so only managed to punch in “rich toffee malt, grapefruit pith” under the table.

That’s OK though – I remember I really liked this, as did Maggie and Jeff who had a sip each. The main flavour was of sweet toffeeish malt – like a blue Mackintosh – but there was a nice dry bitterness  at the finish (probably a combo of hops and alcohol) that stopped it from being cloying. Neils said to me in an email later that he wasn’t sure if me made a Strong Ale, but I reckon he most definitely did. In fact it reminded me quite a lot of the Yeastie Boys’ Hud-a-Wa.

Now the second beer, the GP011111 (seriously Niels what is with these names?) this is where I really stuffed up. Somehow I inexplicably managed to lose both the photo and the notes, even though I swear I took both.

I do remember it had a really spectacular head, just like the Strong Ale, and it was quite a hazy golden orange color. It had a fruity aroma, possibly citrus, and I think it was quite malty and soft for a pilsner with a lightly bitter finish. I know I could be describing every single beer on the planet there, but to elaborate would be to fabricate, and that would be ever worse right?

*Reluctantly clicks Publish and hides under desk*

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  1. Best beer names ever!!!
    I’m planning a “b31” at the moment.

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