#313 Little Creatures – Bright Ale

Little Creatures Bright Ale Name: Bright Ale
Brewery: Little Creatures (Freemantle, Australia)
Style: Golden Ale
ABV: 4.5%
Source: The Conservatory (Akl)

I’m not very good at talking about beer politics. I probably don’t really know or (dare I say it) care enough, even though I enjoy reading about the various scandals and scoundrels from those who do.

That said, I probably can’t write a post about Little Creatures without acknowledging the news that they were recently taken over by Lion. While this was great for headline writers – just try and count the “Lion swallows Little Creatures” articles online – a lot of people were really upset about it. Quite a few people on my Facebook and Twitter announced that they wouldn’t be drinking it any more, either on principle or because they expected the beer quality to decline.

My personal stance on this is not a strong one. I like to support craft breweries over the likes of Lion wherever possible so may buy LC less, but I’m unlikely to blacklist the beers unless they actually stop being delicious. And why should they? Little Creatures beers have been so successful ($380 million succesful, apparently!) that Lion would be demented to meddle with the recipe. Then again, people say Mac’s got a lot worse under Lion, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Anyway, bleugh, enough politics. Let’s talk about the Little Creatures Bright Ale, which for now at least is tasting great.

It’s the right kind of beer for drinking on the waterfront, or on the North Wharf at Wynyard Quarter to be exact, especially if the weather’s hot (though obviously in this case it wasn’t).

As you’d expect from the name it is bright and clean beer, with aromas of citrus, bread and sweet caramel. In the mouth I got slightly spicy, lemony hops with a grassy and lightly bitter finish. It’s not quite as full or tasty as the Pale Ale, but it’s probably better as a summer quaffer.

I hate to go back to politics again but I just thought of another thing. If Lion owns Little Creatures, then that means Little Creatures beer will probably be sold all over the world – and that means more people getting exposed to the wonder that is beer with flavour, right?  So in the words of Talking Heads who (I think) gave the brewery it’s name: “Don’t get upset. It’s not a major disaster.”

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  1. Plus, Lion owned a third of Little Creatures previously – I think it was Phil Cook who quipped that all those who now want to blacklist the beer should probably have been returning two bottles out of every half dozen.

    Also, the Conservatory serves Little Creatures? It must be the only place in Wynyard Quarter to sell good beer – it would be an awesome spot in summer.

    • Oh really? I didn’t know that and I guess not many others did either.
      I’m *pretty* sure it was the conservatory. The one with the hanging cane chairs. I can’t wait to go back when it’s warmer!

      • Checked the website – it is them (although the menu is hardly the ‘impressive range of local and imported beers’ their drinks page promises).
        It’s a pity – all those new, cool places in an awesome spot and I bet they’re all tied to the big two and wouldn’t be able to serve craft even if they wanted to for a few years.

      • Yeah it’s a shame. But – I just remembered they also have LC at Jack Tar and Marvel Grill, so that’s something.

      • I was just checking myself – Marvel also sells Emerson’s Pilsner, Galbraith’s Lager and Cascade Premium Light. Which isn’t much, but it’s a start.

  2. Problems of a new fitout in a new building in a new development > high rentals (return for the developer) > high overheads for operator > need to reduce capital costs > subsidised beer systems > Lion or DB.

  3. Oh and Alice, what happened to Beer #288? Even the Higgs boson is easier to find…

    • Correction, #289

      • I’m correcting your corrections before you can even correct them. Spot the missing post now!

      • How happy were you to find a place to use that joke?

  4. Try Merchant of Venice further down (2nd to last before the playground) for a great selection of Nz craft beer. Even had a tasting bucket 3 for $21 or something.

  5. Brilliant. Everything shuffled up one in the order. Take that, Large Hadron Collider!

    p.s. quite chuffed

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