#307 Invercargill Brewery – Pitch Black

Name: Pitch Black Real Stout
Brewery: Invercargill Brewery (Invercargill, NZ)
Style: Stout
Source: New World Vic Park
ABV: 4.5%

When people ask me if I’m running out of beer to blog about, I usually tell them breezily: “Hell no, I could go on for years” (while secretly reeling in horror at the thought of going on for years). But, in truth, things are starting to get slightly trickier these days.

I mean sure, there’s gallons of homebrew and hundreds of fancy expensive beers that I could order online, but there aren’t that many widely-available New Zealand craft beers that I haven’t blogged yet. And those beers are always the most fun, because readers can go buy them and then write to tell me my opinion is wrong.

That’s why I was like, “cha-ching!” when I was at New World the other day and saw this bottle of Pitch Black on the shelf. I had to do a quick “Beer for a year + Pitch black” Google on my phone to make sure, but my hopes were realised: this was a well-known, well-liked, NZ craft beer that I hadn’t blogged yet. What a treat!

And while I know literally nothing about it, I’d have to say Invercargill Brewery is one of my favourites. Like the Yeastie Boys range which they also brew, their beers exhibit both the carefree experimentation of youth and and the practiced craftsmanship of old men – a sentence which tells us, as much as anything, that I have been doing far too much copy writing recently.

Probably everyone who reads this blog will have already tried the Pitch Black Real Stout, and will know about it’s roasty malt and freshly ground coffee aromas, it’s mocha and toffee flavours, the light but well-rounded mouthfeel and the bitter finish that won’t quit.

But if not, please go out and buy it, and then feel free to write to tell me I’m wrong.

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  1. A firm fave. It’s a shame that it’s slightly dated 80’s choc box label probably has too many people putting it back on the shelves. Whenever it’s on tap at work it leaves. fabulous drop.

    • The label is slightly odd isn’t it? I think that might be why it got neglected on the blog for so long… I’d had it on tap before but I didn’t instantly recognize it on the shelf as an IB beer.

  2. Watch this space – I do believe new labelled due out soon!

  3. Ahhh Pitch Black… one of my favorite NZ beers. Always on tap at Pomeroy’s and Steve Nally is one fun brewer to drink beers with!

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