#300 Bear Republic – Pete Brown Tribute Ale

Name: Tribute Ale
Brewer: Bear Republic (Healdsburg, California USA)
Style: American Brown Ale
ABV: 6.5%
Source: Galbraith’s Alehouse

Whoops, that was close.

I was about to make a total ass of myself by banging on about Pete Brown, the famous beer writer who I assumed this beer was named after, but I’ve just realised it was a different Pete Brown entirely – a popular sales rep for Bear Republic who died in 2002. (Hence the 1949- 2002 on the label. I did think it was a bit odd/sinister that they would imply the writer was dead when he’s clearly still blogging.)

Anyway, instead I’ll just make a mild ass of myself by admitting that once again I managed to half-freeze an expensive American beer. It wasn’t quite at the slushy stage, but if you look closely at the photo you can see little ice chunks floating beneath the foam. I then stuck it in front of the heater before I drank it, which made the glass extremely hot and the beer inside lukewarm.

Despite having suffered some serious temperature abuse, the lovely sticky brown sugar/toffee/roasted malt flavours of this beer remained intact. There was something very coke-like about it actually – partly from the bubbles, and partly the combination of sweet caramello, fruit and bitter roasty malts. If it had been colder it would have been more refreshing, but I can hardly blame the beer for that now can I?

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