#295 ePICO – Zythogeddon

Name: Zygthogeddon
Brewery: ePICO
Style: IPA
Source: Epic Brewery

OK this is cool – it’s an ePICO beer which I can only assume was some very early trial version of Zythos, which of course we can all go out and buy. I feel like I just found the original recipe for Coke!

Sorry to keep repeating myself but in case anyone is new round here…  ePICO beers are Epic’s homebrews: mini batches that they make at the headquarters to trial out hops and stuff. Zythos is an American hop blend, and it’s also the name of Epic’s latest beer. Beer is the reason we’re all here.

It’s been a while since I had one of Epic’s Zythos beer so I’m not sure how close this was to that – but this was delicious either way. It had a massive aroma of tropical fruit – ripe pineapple and mango – as well as some citrus, and a sturdy backbone of juicy caramel malt.

I had this with Olivia who goes spazzy for IPAs and is a huge fan of Zythos, and she loved it. In fact, between her guzzling it and the heartbreaking amount that gushed down the sink, I didn’t get to drink much of this 750ml bottle at all. 

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