#290 ePICO – Broke Black Mountain

Name: Broke Black Mountain
Brewery: ePICO (Auckland, NZ)
Style: Stout?
ABV: 6.7%
Source: Epic beer

I’ll keep this brief, because I know that only a sadist would want to read about tasty beers they can’t try.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few bottles of ePICO beer, only really because I was in the right place at the right time. (The place being Epic’s headquarters, the time being several hours after Luke’s first bottle of IPA).

They didn’t come with any descriptions, just a little label over the lid with the hops (Kohatu in this case) and the ABV, so I’m actually not sure what the style was – but I guess some kind of stout. It was ten days ago that I drank it so my memory’s not so hot, but I remember a really distinct taste of tinned or poached plums, as well as cherries, warm spices, wet wood, and a hint of smoke or ash.

This was one of those wonderfully complex beers that I could write about for ages (especially if my memory was fresher), but only drink for so long. In this case I had about half of it which, to be fair, was still 250mls, before handing the rest over to Finn. It’s not that there was anything wrong with the beer – it was great – I just got sort of full, y’know?

Drinking this reminded me that I wish Epic would make some more dark beers. How good was the Thornbridge Stout? And the Portermarillo? Everybody chant with me now! EP-IC POR-TER EP-IC POR-TER….

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  1. I’ll second that, more dark beers from EPIC!

  2. Was a bit of a style fusion that one… A Belgian Black IPA. I wish I had some bottles left!

    • I vaguely recall responding to one of your “what should I brew next?” tweets with something along those lines. Glad it worked out, it could’ve gone horribly wrong!

      • Yeah, was a good suggestion! For me it was that beer was always star anise meets milk chocolate meets lemony hops. I really love that Leuven yeast… must go buy me a bottle or three of Corsendonk… Mmmm… yeast…

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