#288 Red Duck – Bengal

Red Duck Bengal Name: Bengal
Brewery: Red Duck 
Style: IPA
ABV: 7%
 Grampians Grape Escape

First of all, I would just like to say that there is no way I could ever dislike or say anything bad about this beer because it is named after my favorite cat of all time*, The Mighty Bengal:

OK – so Bengal could also refer to some region in India where zillions of people live or something but I am pretty sure Red Duck are into animal names (Ducks are animals right?) so the cat is more likely.

Even though I was going to like this no matter what, I thought the beer did actually live up to the name pretty well. It was the best (albeit the only) Australian IPA I’ve ever had, and it struck a really nice balance between intense juicy hops and firm caramel malt.

The hop aroma was similar to an American Pale Ale – sharp grapefruit and pine resin – with perhaps a bit more sweet juicy fruit in the mix too. In the mouth it was well balanced, a little sweet at first but with a sharp bitterness that cut through and lingered for ages.

If we were to draw parallels between this and the aforementioned cat breed, and I think it’s best we do, I would say that they both have equal amounts of sweetness and sass. The Bengal is bred from an Asian Leopard Cat (there’s the feisty hops) and a domestic moggy (sweet malt, kinda), and uhhh… you get the picture. I like Bengal cats and I like Bengal IPA!

*Please do not put a comment saying that your cat Fluffles is the best cat of all time because this was never up for contention. 

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