#285 Timothy Taylor – Landlord

Name: LandlordTimothy Taylor Landlord
Brewery: Timothy Taylor
Style: English Bitter
ABV: 4.3%
Source: Stephen at Galbraith’s

Remember how way back at the beginning of the blog I used to write about some beers as if they were love interests?

Admittedly that was partly because I didn’t know how to give actual descriptions of beer, and so “it’s the kind of beer you could introduce to your friends to” was about as good as I could manage, but also I was ‘fresher’ back then. Every beer was a new taste sensation, and I fell head over heels fairly often.

And yet, this dried up old prune is in the first flush of  love again. I’ve decided that Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, whoever he is, is to be my second husband*after Bookbinder – although like the former he will still be occasionally cheated on by the likes of Rex Attitude.

I knew it was marriage material from the moment I caught its scent – which was of clean floral hops, honey and freshly baked bread. In the mouth it was creamy and sweet, but with a chalky dryness to the water and a subdued bitter kick at the end. To be honest I’m not even sure what it was that made it so special, it was just so well-rounded and lovely. I could drink it forever and never get sick of it. And oh! – imagine it from a cask!

Naturally I discovered my love of Landlord just as the country’s supply ran out, and apparently it won’t be back until 2013. I’m now kicking myself for looking past it on the shelves at New World for so long, never realising that it was in fact the one. (Or at least one of the ones.)

A big thank you to Stephen who shared his last bottle of Landlord with me at Galbraith’s. You get full acknowledgement as the person who introduced us, and can certainly be the best man at the wedding.

* To clarify – a beer that qualifies as a ‘husband’ is one that is well-rounded, sessionable, charming and reliable. Preferably he will also be based in New Zealand, but I’m willing to go long-distance for this one. 
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  1. It is probably a Top 5 beer of mine, when served in good condition from cask. I have never bought a bottle here due to the fear of disappointment, which is probably my loss, but still…

    • If you’ve had it from the cask I guess a bottle may be disappointing, but it was still really *really* good. That said, if you see any around he’s mine!

  2. The bottles do travel surprisingly well for a beer of such modest gravity. I’m hoping i might be able to open up a new supply soon.

  3. Actually, I fibbed, sort of. I had a pint of cask (yes, cask!) Landlord at Spitting Feathers in Akl last year with Mr Bridges. They had flown the cask in and served via gravity from the bar. Madness. It was warm, flat, and barely a shadow of its former self.

    Watch out Alice, I have resolved to scour Akl for remaining bottles – you have both piqued my curiosity…

  4. Last time I re-arranged the stock in my former employer’s coolroom, there was oodles in reserve. Maybe you can get Kate to mule some back North. She’s down this way this weekend, isn’t she?

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