#284 Rogue – Mocha Porter

Rogue Mocha PorterName: Mocha Porter
Brewery: Rogue (Newport, Oregon)
Style: Porter
ABV: 5.1%
Source: Galbraith’s Ales

Porters and Mochaccinos are two things I’m still trying to figure out my stance on. I think that Mochas done well are probably the most delicious coffee of all, and done badly (tea room instant coffee and milo does not a mocha make), are particularly vile.

Same goes for porters, sort of. Ashamedly I am still not 100% sure on the technical differences between porters and stouts, I just know that in my experience porters have often been lighter and more bubbly. Sometimes this works well – like when I want something refreshing that won’t stick in my mouth like cake – but sometimes they leave me hungry for more substance.

Happily, this Rogue Mocha Porter struck the right balance on all fronts. It wasn’t actually made with any coffee beans or chocolate, the mocha thing was more evocative than anything else. This seemed to me like a classic porter done well – roasty malt flavours of espresso and dark chocolate (mocha – check), a faint hop bitterness and a mouthfeel that was light without being thin. The flavours were complex but not overwhelming, and it was fairly easy to guzzle back. (Not that I guzzled, but if I had been thirstier, well…)

This beer was given to me by Galbraith’s, so I assume that they’re either selling it now or will be soon. It’ll likely sell for upwards of $20 a bottle, so if you’re poor like me then you could split it with a friend. Heck, you could split one with me!

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