#283 White Rabbit – White Ale

Name: White Ale
Brewery: White Rabbit (Healesville, Australia)
Style: Witbier
Source: Grampians liquor store
ABV: 4.5%

Hey you guys, I thought I’d shake things up a bit and do another ‘Pros and Cons’ based post, which has everything to do with keeping the blog phresh and nothing at all to do with trying to get through a bunch of posts in one evening while simultaneously getting drunk on Barley Wine. Here goes!


  • Cool label
  • Brewery name refers to Alice in Wonderland AKA me
  • Made in a place called Healesville so presumably has medicinal properties
  • Nice zingy, citrusy aroma. Not too much of that banana clovey stuff
  • Tastes lemony with a little tartness at finish
  • Pretty fly for a white guy (I know I know, I used that joke before, but dang it if it wasn’t funny twice)
  • A wheat beer
  • Did not get rid of my cold despite alleged medicinal properties
  • Not really packing any punches on the flavour front
  • Mouthfeel a bit thin
  • It was raining and cold (Not the beer’s fault but it didn’t do it any favours.)

Overall I thought it was one of the better wheat beers I’ve blogged, but I wouldn’t go chasing it down a rabbit hole (Ha Ha) unless I was really hot and thirsty.

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