#281 Dale’s – Belgian Ale

Dale's Belgian AleName: Belgian Pale Ale
Brewery: Dale’s Brewing Co. (brewed at West Coast)
Style: Belgian Pale Ale
ABV: 5.4%
Source: Dave Kurt

The first time I had this beer I was seriously distracted by the smell of chicken – I had it outside the Hop Garden which is right by KFC – and this time I was seriously distracted by something else.

I swear to god, it tasted so much like mine and Dad’s homebrew Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone. The hops and the malt were different, yet the beers shared this really distinctive, unique flavour which is hard to describe – sort of a hard candy-like sweetness. Was it a fault? Something to do with the plastic bottles? I don’t know. It wasn’t bad, just a little odd. Like seeing my better looking, better dressed doppelgänger in the street.

Anyway poor Dale, I don’t mean to offend him by comparing his beer to my first-ever homebrew, this is a lot better after all. I tried to put the comparison out of my mind in order to come up with something constructive, and with some effort I detected some notes of orange and passionfruit, warm wintery spices and golden syrupy malt. Mostly though, it just tasted like de ja vu.

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  1. Now there’s a thing, at the local Liquorland they have this and it’s being pushed in a biggish way as being winner of something or other, but I avoided it for something from the Sawmill Brewery in Matakana.

    As much as I like to give the small craft places a bit of a go, I might, in this instance not.

    • Give it a go! I’ll have to try it again before I’ve properly made my mind up, but most people seem to think it’s rather good.

  2. If your honebrew Sierra Nevada Pale tasted like this it was probibly slightly infected. The is a belgian pale ale with a clove tinged Belgian yeast character, it should taste like this but an APA that tastes like that probibly has wild yeast in it.

    Its a bloody good Belgian Pale Ale to. Much respect to Liqourland if they are promoting it. They arnt getting anything apart from the sale out of doing so.

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