#271 Raffe – Bibliotheque

Name: BibliothequeHomebrew saison
Brewery: Raffe Smith (homebrew)
Style: Saison
ABV: 6%
Style: French Saison

“bready yeast, sweat, flowers,
lemon, delicate, crisp, soda water finish.
They say saison is for farmers, but this tastes too posh – like a summer cricket refreshment.”

That’s not me trying to write a Haiku, it’s just I put my notes directly into a wordpress draft when I drank this last week, and looking at them now I think they convey the vibe of the beer well enough as is. Am I lazy? Maybe. Sick of writing “The aroma was of”? Definetely.

This is the first home-brewed Saison I’ve ever had and I really thought it was marvelous. It was just so clean and lovely, – like a dry champagne or a breeze-dried white sheet. It was as if you could drink it all night and never get a hangover, although of course this is probably untrue. (Raffe, can you confirm?)

Remember at the beginning of the blog when I was all “Saaayzon? What is this I don’t even-“ ? Well, I am pleased to confirm that I am  80% sure I know what a saison should taste like, an much more importantly, I know I think they’re swell.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Alice, and I am glad you liked the beer.

    I had hoped for a little more body and mouthfeel, but the yeast is a hungry one. A ‘summer cricket refreshment’ is a nice way of describing things – would be far better than bloody Pimm’s.

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