#264 Galbraith’s – Antipodean

Name: Antipodean
Brewery: Galbraith’s (Auckland, NZ)
Style: NZ Pale Ale
ABV: 5%
Source: Galbraith’s Ales

Last week I went to Galbraith’s to farewell some friends for the winter, and it just so happened that Tuatara were doing a bit of a tap takeover there that night.

They were launching  two limited release pale ales – Conehead and Mayday – along with the old American and Aotearoa Pale Ale’s.

Why then, pray tell, am I not writing about those exciting new beers?

The thing is, I go to Galbraith’s all the time as you know – usually for some beer launch or to taste some limited release collaboration brew – and so I never ever actually get around to writing about the Galbraith’s beers themselves.

They’ve also been very supportive of me and the blog over the past nine months (once I even got free chips), and I thought it was time I paid hommage.

(Also, so you know, I forgot to take a picture of the Tuatara Conehead, the Mayday I didn’t like (a strong sweet mess) and their other two I’d already blogged.)

I think the Antipodean tastes a  like an English-born New Zealander on holiday in America. The aroma is punchy and fresh, with notes of citrus (lemon and orange) grass and pine needles. In the mouth it is soft, creamy and sweetish at first – but don’t let that fool you – the bitterness arrives with a bang midway and the finish is dry with a hint of spice.

Unlike most of the big, fancy (and don’t get me wrong – often wonderful) beers I usually drink and write about from Galbraith’s, I could drink pint after pint of this.  I never do of course, because I get seduced by the guest taps and then run out of money, but rest assured I could if I had to. (Wanna bet? Let’s go.)

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  1. A lovely and underrated beer, often overlooked between the sessionable Bob’s (which I hope you get a chance to do for the blog) and the bigger pale ales on the guest taps / from the cask ale series.

  2. I’ve never got free chips!

  3. hello~ great blog and a noble quest~ seems like you must get thru a load of 500ml bottles? i am a homebrewer of varying success and am after some of those. would you care to trade empties for fullies..?

  4. It’s very difficult for me to sit in Galmecca and drink anything other than Bob’s. It would be my death row pint.

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