#262 Coors UK – Cobra

Cobra beer bottle Name: Cobra
Brewery: Coors UK (Morson Coors, Burton-upon-Trent, England)
Style: Pale Lager
ABV: 4.8%
Source: Ravi’s, Ponsonby

So apparently, at least according to the tagline on the label, this right here is “the world’s most celebrated lager”.

I can’t for the life of me imagine what the celebrations were about. Beer most beloved by snakes perhaps?  Beer most likely to be drunk with Rogan Josh? Beer with the most difficult-to-believe tagline?

I used to always think that pale lagers like this went well with Indian food – but I’ve recently decided they don’t. If your mouth is burning and you want relief then the only thing for it is lassi, and if you want to drink something that tastes good, then it better have a lot of flavour else the curry will totally dominate it. Of course it depends on the type of curry, but ideally I’d go for a Pale Ale or Pilsner and not a big bitter IPA. I feel like extreme bitterness + extreme spice = angry confused tastebuds.

TBH I know jack all about food and beer matching and I’m really just riffing here –  the point is I drank this beer with curry and it didn’t perform well. It was pretty sweet, had a thin/watery mouthfeel, flavours of metal, honey, and maybe some faint grassy hops. Maybe. Once I started drinking the curry it tasted of nothing – it was just wet, cold, and a bit sweet.

Imagine if there was an Indian Restaurant in Auckland that sold good beer as well as great curry? I’d probably live there. Unfortunately my favourite Indian Restaurant (still a closely guarded secret) doesn’t even have a liquor license, so we’re probably still a way off…

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  1. There used to be a secret stash of interesting beers at Great India (in Wellington) for those in the know. They had a pretty decent beer list, for the time, but it is due an overhaul.

    Anyway, it has the best curry in New Zealand as far as I’m aware.

    And I’m with you on the IPA front. For me the sweeter, fruitier IPAs work ok but not the really full on aggressive ones. A great pint of handpumped golden mild would be ideal!

    • Really!? I used to frequent Little India once a week in Wellington and had resigned myself to Kingfisher (or a gewurtz.), must see if the one up here has anything good stashed away…

      • Great India! It’s greater than little india…

      • Oh OK, I used to go to the one on Blair St which I’m pretty sure is Little India. Either way… Ras Vatikas is better than both!

  2. I think it’s ‘Molson’ – as in the Canadian beer company- not ‘Morson’ but as both Molson and Coors are renowned for bland lager it’s not a surprise!

  3. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but I do like a dry stout with curry.
    Also that handpumped mild does sound like a good match Stu.

  4. There is a big difference between Little India and Great India. My vote goes to Taste of India take away on Cambridge Tce for NZ’s best.

    I think the Belgian’s have it for curry’s myself. Saison, Wit, Strong Golden Ale all work very well with heat.

    Also I think you mean extreme SPICE + extreme hops. 🙂

    Ralph from 3 Boys tells a good tale about pints of Timothy Taylors from a pub owned by Morrissey that you could take across the road to the curry house. Sounds good to me.

    • Yes indeed I did mean spice, thanks. And for the record I like South Indian food the best, which is why Satya (K Rd) and – hell I’m just going to say it – Ras Vatika Indian Vegetarian Cafe are my faves.

      • South India = Roti Chenai (conveniently located within 1min walk of F&B, LQB and Taphaus… and 5min from Hashigo).

      • Roti Chennai is pretty yum and all, but not exciting like Ras Vatikas. Come up here. I show you.

      • I couldn’t say I prefer any near equatorial food over another… except may everything over African (because I know nothing about it).

      • I havent found an Indian style that I don’t like. However I do have a big passion for some of the euro fusion dishes from Goa. South Wellington Gurjurati BBQ is pretty awesome to 😉

        Indian cuisine is pretty high on my culinary scoreboard.

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