#261 Dead Good Beer – IPA

Name: IPA
Brewery: Dead Good Beer (Brewed by Dave Kurth)
Style: IPA
ABV: 5.2%
Source: Dave Kurth

Eeek! In a massive rush so that I can make it to a beer launch (at least I’ve got my priorities straight, huh?) so will just tell you very quickly (in something between bullet points and full sentences) about this beer.

Drank this last weekend at a Mexican party in-between shots of tequila and corona micheladas. It was certainly the most enjoyable, least vomit-inducing of the three.

I drunkenly wrote down: “Hops! Americany (is that a word?) grapefruit, pine, caremal malt (sic), crisp mouthfeel, bitter but balanced.” – with balanced underlined three times.

I thought this was good (dead good in fact, ha ha!), though at the time blamed it for getting me outrageously sloshed. Now that I see it’s only 5.2%, I have to concede that it was probably the straight spirits.

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