#260 Moutere Brewing – Sarau Lager

Name: Sarau Lager
Brewery: Moutere Brewing (Brewed by Dave Kurth)
Style: Munich Helles
ABV: 4.2%
Source: Moutere Inn

A while ago I posted about the best pub in NZ (or at least the best pub slash hotel, so as not to upset Galbraith’s) – the Moutere Inn in Upper Moutere, near Nelson.

I won’t bang on again (much), but there are just so many things to love about this place.

It’s the oldest operating pub in New Zealand (history: check), it’s set in the prettiest little country village (scenery: check) and it has one of the best tap beer ranges in New Zealand (happiness: check).

This beer is brewed for the Moutere Inn by Dave Kurth – who is apparently some kind of behind-the-scenes wizard because he seems to be brewing beer for everybody north of Westport these days (West Coast, Dead Good Beer, and Moutere Inn are the ones I know of).

While I love the Moutere Inn and am loathe to say a bad word about them, unfortunately I’m unable to rave about this beer. It’s just like nearly all lagers are to me: clean and easy-drinking, good for quenching a thirst, but ultimately pretty ‘meh’.

I didn’t really get any hop aroma, just a little malt and grain on the nose. In the mouth it was sweetish and malty, light in body, with a faint herbaceous hop flavour and only the meekest little bite at the finish.

I can understand why the Moutere Inn would make this beer. When I was there the majority of patrons were drinking mainstream lager from crate bottles instead of the craft beers, so this could be an attempt at coaxing those patrons towards the taps.  And let’s face it – a 10% IIPA isn’t going to sell well with local farmers who want something refreshing to drink at the end of the day, so from a business perspective it makes sense. In short, there’s a place in the world for this Sarau Lager, but it’s at the Inn, not with me.

PS – In the beer’s defense, this is probably much better fresh from the tap. I drank this from a prefilled rigger about 2 weeks after I received it, which quite probably had some detrimental effect.

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