#257 West Coast/DGB – Greasing Mongrels

Name: Greasing Mongrels
Brewery: West Coast/Dead Good Beer
Style: Spiced/Herbed lager
ABV: 4%
Source: Dave Kurth

I come from a family that could only be describes as obsessive when it comes to food, which meant that games of “guess the secret ingredient” were as much a part of my childhood as Lego or clotheshorse forts.

Having had years of practice, I really should be better at it. Unfortunately I’m usually the one that can clearly taste a flavour just after someone else has pointed it out.

Why is this relevant? Because Greasing Mongrels was brewed for Nelson beer festival Marchfest, where breweries were asked to submit a unique beer containing at least one secret ingredient. Ohhhh…..

I guessed one of them – the ginger, but the other had me stumped. It was fragrant, citrussy, so familiar yet nothing I’d ever tasted in a beer before.

Eventually (OK, after about two minutes) I caved and asked Google, who confirmed that it was in fact lemongrass. I say ‘confirmed’ because I’m pretty sure I knew that all along deep down. It was on the tip of my tongue – honest.

I have a weird aversion to ginger/citrus summer ale type things (for which I blame Monteith’s), and although this is a lager my brain automatically sorted it into that category. For that reason I probably wouldn’t drink a lot of it, but I enjoyed the new flavour experience and reckon heaps of people would love it. It was crisp, dry and well-balanced, and  the Lemongrass gave it a beautiful aroma.  Lemongrass and chili beer anyone? Too noughties asian-fusion perhaps but I’m tempted to try it out.

Oh! Oh! I nearly forgot the best part!



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  1. Ah ha! When I was at Marchfest I got the Lemongrass and not the Ginger! Totally missed the Greasing Mongrels hint… tricky indeed!

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