#256 Yeastie Boys – Gunnamatta

Name: Gunnamatta
Brewery: Yeastie Boys
Style: Tea-leafed IPA
ABV: 6.5%
Source: Yeastie Boys

Gunnamatta is a word that’s made for a saying in an Australian accent (“You gunna go ta gunnamatta mate?”), and sadly for NZ, this is a beer that’s made for drinking in Australia.

This Earl Grey tea-infused beer was created by the Boys especially for the Great Australian Beer Spectapular (GABS), which is happening in two weekend’s time in Melbourne.

And if you’re not going to be there then I suggest you stop reading now. Because the Gunnamatta is amazing.

It was the aroma that did it for me – more like a soap than a beer, and not obviously like Earl Grey straight away. The first things that came to mind when I sniffed it were pink roses and turkish delight, but deeper sniffing (and trust me, I sniffed this so much I almost inhaled it) revealed the distinct floral and bergamot orange notes of Earl Grey tea.

Unfortunately I abandoned my notes at this point to run around the house making my flatmates try it, but I remember it was dry and more bitter than I was expecting in the mouth. This worked really well I thought – all those floral notes could have been sickly with a sweet malty beer, but the fact it was crisp and refreshing meant I could happily drink a pint or two of it.

Thank God I made that financially reckless decision to go to GABS. I know there will be a multitude of incredible one-off beers there, but I’ll be making a beeline for this first. I can’t stop thinking about drinking it again!

As for everyone not going,… Well. You could always try dunking an Earl Grey tea bag in a regular pale ale?

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  1. Thanks for the mad props.
    And fear not… 15 kegs held back for NZ consumption but, unlike most other NZ breweries, we won’t be releasing it before the GABS festival,

    • Huzzah!

    • Now very curious and looking forward to this beer. Glad you’ve saved some for the rest of us Stu, else I would have written a grumpy letter to your Directive Creator.

    • Lapsang Souchong infused Rex?

      • Did think about it but Rex is already one smoke too far… Maybe next year 😉

  2. Its pretty bloody remarkible.

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