#252 Mikkeller – Black

Alice Galletly with Mikkeller Black Name: Black
Brewery: Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 17.5%
Source: Hashigo Zake

Everybody! It’s my birthday!

At least, it was seven days ago when I drank this beer, but lets just pretend I’m not the world’s worst blogger and a week behind on posting and that I drank it today. Happy Birthday to me!

Sigh. I wish it was still my birthday, if it was I’d be sitting in my Langham Hotel Suite (hot tip: journalists get a free voucher for joining their Press Club) and sipping the kind of beer I have wild fantasies about when I should be doing things like blogging.

Let’s go back a little further though, to the day before my birthday. I woke up in the morning and realised I hadn’t  organized anything special for my birthday beer, which was like waking up and realizing my bed was on fire: cause for serious alarm.

I hastily Tweeted my distress, asking followers where I could find special beer at short notice in Auckland. The answer that came back? Get it sent up from Wellington.

On the morning of my birthday a little care package arrived from Hashigo Zake, containing four beers that they had picked. The Mikkeller Black, one third of the Black Tokyo* Horizon collab I blogged a while back, was the obvious one to drink. At 17.5% it wasn’t just a beer, it was a super-beer, the kind of beer that says “Look out world, I’m 26-years-old today and I’m not afraid to get wasted.”

Everyone in the roam went “Woah” as I poured the thick black liquid into the glasses, partly because of the beer, partly because they were impressed with the bottle-opening iPhone case* I had used to open it.

The nose was heavy with espresso, chocolate, molasses, wet wood, and soy sauce. In the mouth those flavours came through with much more bitterness than I was expecting, with burnt malt flavours dominating the sweeter notes of raisins and cherries. The finish was sharp, and the bitter coffee aftertaste sat on my tongue forever, refusing to budge until I intervened with creamy blue cheese (an excellent match it turned out).  A warm heat as it left the mouth hinted at the ABV, but there was no raw alcohol burn and it was surprisingly smooth. That said, the intensity of the flavour meant there was no danger of quaffing it.

You wouldn’t drink this beer every day, much like you wouldn’t have your birthday every day (unless you could convince everyone around you to keep buying you presents and taking you out to dinner, in which case you obviously would), but it was just the kind of outrageous, indulgent treat I was looking for. Trust Hashigo Zake to come through with the goods!

*I realise this looks like weird product placement, but I don’t think it is because they didn’t pay me – in fact I have twice now been bought the Openacase as a gift. It makes my phone weigh a million tones but it makes me totally popular at utensil-light parties. (I presume). 

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  1. Suuuuuuuuuuuch a good beer! I had it on tap the first time I went to Hashigo Zake around New Years. It’s been stuck in my head ever since…
    Happy B’day btw (…for a week ago…)

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