#251 Deschutes – Red Chair NWPA

Name: Red Chair North West Pale Ale
Brewery: Deschutes Brewery (Oregon, USA)
Style: APA
ABV: 6.2%
Source: Matt Searle (Canada)


Don’t worry – that’s not me getting all new-age and starting my blogpost with a meditative mantra, that’s the sound I made during the first (and second and third) sip of this beer.

The NWPA is another of those beers sent over to me from Canada by generous reader Matthew Searle, and I drank it the night before my birthday last week. It marked the beginning of the celebrations – or I should say, the beginning of the end – as I went on to drink far too much red wine and then spend the first half my birthday battling waves of nausea.

I’ve no doubt that the NPWA is to blame, because it was far too delicious for it’s own good. It had bootloads of the wonderful hop flavours classically found in APAs – grapefruit, pine resin, sweet honey and  floral notes, but without the accompanying paint-stripper mouthfeel that you might expect. It was sweeter and more balanced than most APAs, which which is why I liked it so much.

Coming up next… The Big Birthday Beer! (Thank God the hangover subsided just in time for me to drink one.)

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  1. Glad you liked it! I discovered this on a whim picking up a six pack because I was in the US for a ski weekend and liked the art. Unfortunately, it’s a seasonal beer and after that first amazing impression. I had to wait 9 months to have it again. In fact, if you check out my Untappd page you’ll see that it’s almost all I drank in Jan and Feb!

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