#245 Emerson’s – Weizenbock

Name: Hefe-Weizenbier Weizenbock
Brewery: Emerson’s Brewery (Dunedin, Auckland)
Style: Weizenbock
ABV: 6.3%
Source: Waiheke Fruit & Veg

I’m feeling slightly frazzled today. It’s partly Post Birthday Blues – the trauma that comes from knowing it’s a full 364 days before I can take the day off work, eat three lavish meals in a day, drink 17% beer and reasonably expect my boyfriend to carry me to bed when I’m too drunk from said beer – but it’s also realizing that I’m a full 9 days behind on my blog.

That doesn’t mean I get to drink 9 beers either, it just means I need to write 9 posts – a thought which makes me want to cry/drink/throw in the towel. But! I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to write 9 quite possibly crappy posts and move on.

So naturally the Dunkel wasn’t my birthday beer, it was the beer I drank 9 days ago.
It was a sweet, dark delicious thing, with aromas of banoffie pie (banana, caramel, even the cream), chocolate, christmassy spices and bready yeast. In the mouth it was velvety smooth, full-bodied and with just a hint of bitterness at the finish. It say I don’t like wheat beers, but boy did I like this.

One down. Eight to go. Who knew beer could cause so much stress!?

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  1. Dunkel or Weizenbock?
    A picture says a thousand words, most of which contradict the blog post.

    Happy birthday! see you in Melbourne, if not before.

    • Oh God – first the Dan/Doug mix-up, now this. The cracks are starting to show!

      • In endurance events, the worst stages are usually the 1/2 to 3/4 sections… you’re in it!

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