#246 Epic – Zythos

Name: Zythos
Brewery: Epic (Auckland, New Zealand)
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.0%
Source: Brew on Quay

I almost don’t need to tell you what the new Epic beer tastes like. You can see it written all over mine and Luke’s faces in the photo to the right – Alcoholic. Happy. A little bit nuts.

On the back of Luke’s T-shirt it says “One Trick Pony” – which is something blogger Phil Cook once called him for only making big, hop-driven beers. In the last few years Epic has proven itself by branching out, but for the Zythos Luke has proudly and-whole heartedly returned to his roots.

“I like drinking hoppy beers, and I’m good at making them,” Luke said to me on the night of the launch. “So why not?”

Indeed, Luke is good at making really hoppy beers, and he seems to be getting better at it all the time. The Zythos is a really tasty new hop (some kind of hybrid, grown to replace the depleting American stocks) and I think it’s been showcased here beautifully.

I’ve had this twice now – on tap and in a bottle, and both times the citrus, pine, floral flavours of the hops have really popped, the malt has been chewy and mouth-filling, and the bitterness – while long-lasting – didn’t overwhelm everything else. I like this better than the Armageddon (I think because it has a bigger malt profile), and while I don’t like it quite as much as the Zombie, I know I’ve pretty much just got to let that beer go.

One Trick Pony or not, I think Luke deserves more than a few sugar cubes for his efforts here. If he only ever makes hoppy beers again and they’re all this delicious, that would be alright by me.

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  1. I hope it’s a one trick pony that keeps doing the same tricks. This beer is something special and repeating the same tricks is the least it can do.

  2. I’ve only tried the beer once, and only out of the bottle, but I really like the malt character and the overall balance of this beer… not so sure on the Zythos blend though. Needs more analysis. Maybe a pint a lunchtime!

    ps. Brewnation used the term long before Phil Cook.

    pps. This pic made me think of a song…
    You down with OTP (Yeah you know me)
    You down with OTP (Yeah you know me)
    You down with OTP (Yeah you know me)
    Who’s down with OTP (Every last hophead)
    — “One Trick Pony” by beery cover band Hoppy By Nature.

    • Lololol. Lol!

    • not cause i hate cha

      • Now I’m gonna wet (hop) cha!

  3. Zythos is a hop blend of several hops from Hop Union in the US 😉 http://www.hopunion.com/assets/file/ZythosT%20Press%20Release%209-26-2011.pdf

  4. …and Epic Zythos is delicious!

  5. Where is the full photo? I wanted to see the hover hands.

    FYI. Zythos is 6.0%

    • That is the full photo. Whoever took it was clearly unaware of the importance of hover hands.

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