#243 Dan’s Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone

Apologies for the delay in posting. I’ve been helping my Mum move house and also playing a lot of Peggle on my iPhone, so there really hasn’t been any time.

Remember a few months ago I wrote about my first homebrew – a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone from a book called “200 Clone brews”?

This beer is another home brewer (Dan Wilson)’s version. He used the exact same recipe, but I think he managed to get US Cascade hops whereas I had to use the NZ version.

I was really curious to try it, just to see how similar it was to mine. I had this feeling like maybe I had ballsed up my homebrew completely and, even though I liked it, had produced something way different than the recipe intended.

First I gave some to my dad without telling him what it was. “It’s good”, he said. “It’s ours.”

Indeed, it was very similar to our own SNPA clone, but had a stronger malt backing a better mouthfeel and a vastly superior head. I couldn’t actually try them side-by-side because mine has mysteriously all disappeared, but the hop profile was the same from memory.

Hooray! This means that although Dan did a better job than me, my beer can’t have been too far off the mark.

A game of Peggle to celebrate!

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  1. Que?? Hi Alice, I’d love to take credit for this one but it’s not mine!
    I mean, I’d love to say it is mine, because the the palm sugar stout I sent you is past it and kind of weird now, but the conspicuous absence of the Brick House label and terrible punning gives it away.

    • Whoops! Apologies to Dan Wilson who actually brewed this! Apparently all this beer is doing funny things to my brain…

  2. Haha cheers Alice, I did wonder if you got the names mixed up after you told me you would drink it over Easter. It managed score a bronze medal at the Hamilton home brew comp earlier this year so I was pretty stoked for my second effort. Working on more hoppy goodness right now.

  3. Oh yes, this is the good stuff! Dan managed to smuggle a bottle into the USA for me to try, and we hosted a local NZ-themed tasting:


    Our verdict: damn fine.

    Keep up the good work Alice!


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