#242 Kowhiti Brewing – Tinui Red

Kowhiti Tinui Red Name: Tinui Red
Brewery: Kowhiti House
Style: IPA?
ABV: 7%ish
Source: Me

Here it is folks, I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath… My second ever homebrew is finally here!

Now you might think that a second homebrew would be a more carefully calculated, finely tuned version of the first. Not so. In fact I threw caution to the wind with this one, ditching the recipe and throwing all the malt and hops I had in with wild abandon. In fact, aside from employing some strict(ish) sanitation rules, the process could probably have been filmed for a “what not to do” instructional video.

I know we used all New Zealand hops – Pacific Jade for the finishing, but for the life of me I can’t remember what else. We put loads of crystal and liquid malt in, so much that it took f o r e v e r to ferment. It also took ages to clear, meaning that there were actually months between the brewing and bottling days.

I know all you practiced homebrewers out there will probably be groaning with dismay at my lack of care, but just relax because it came out fine. Better than the last one in fact!

The aroma wasn’t nearly as hoppy as I was hoping (probably because we had to wait for ages after the dry hopping for it to clear) but it was very malty in an almost belgian, banoffie pie kinda way. In the mouth I got fruity, citrus flavours, a smooth medium-bodied mouthfeel and a dry bitter kick at the finish.

Next time I brew I promise to be a bit more careful and actually try to work out what the ABV is rather than just gauging it on how drunk I get, but for now I’m relieved to know you can say: “screw it, chuck it all in” and still make a tasty homebrew.

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  1. Nice. Great to hear you are making your own drinkable homebrew! Bit of a strange colour tho? What did you put in to make it that red colour?

    • I think it looks more ruby in the picture than it actually was… But obviously it was still pretty red (hence the name.) I don’t really know why – loads of malt perhaps?

      • Yup, I have made a few red ales in my time… but I never quite got one that colour! Might be just the photo? As long as it tastes good it does not really matter!

  2. So what kind of gear do you use for homebrewing? I’m looking at starting up and – bar dropping over a grand on a crazy set-up – have no idea what to get.

    • You can start off with a stainless steel pot, a plastic bucket and an airlock. You’ll probably need a siphon for bottling and racking to a secondary (if you use one) but it’s really much simpler than you’d think.

    • Yeah, basically what Matthew said – I think you need more gear for all-malt brews but for extract it’s pretty simple. A mesh bag is handy too.

      • Yea, I’m looking at doing all-malt. Got a friend up here in Palmy who has let me help a few times with his brews and I’m well and truly hooked.

        I would just nick his stuff every now and then, but it’s pretty dodgy gear to say the least.

  3. I believe the accepted term is: Relax, Don’t Worry; Have A HomeBrew or RDW;HAHB.

    In the end, it’s still going to be beer. Whether it’s good beer or not is another matter entirely.

  4. Is that named for the Tinui between Masterton and Castlepoint?

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