#240 Van Honsebrouck – St Louis Kriek

Name: St Louis Kriek
Brewery: Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck Ingelmunster, Belgium
Style: Lambic – Kriek
ABV: 4.5%
Source: Victoria Park New World

I spent my Easter the same way I’ve spent it for the last four or five years – drinking/eating too much and engaging in fierce competitions (Cricket, Pizza making, Charades, Scattegories, anything you can assign points to) with family at my Dad’s house in Greytown.

On the way out we stopped to stock up on beers at Wellington’s Thorndon New World. Would you believe I’ve never been there before? It’s incredible! I literally welled up a little bit, clutched my hand to my heart and staggered around the aisle for a few moments when I saw the selection.

In hindsight I feel like I could have perhaps made better choices. This Kriek for example, wasn’t really much chop. It was too sweet and had a fake cherry juice flavour rather than that real sour musty taste you usually get from Lambics. Granted it was kinda yum – but it didn’t feel like the real deal.

I also got a litre rigger of Sprig and Fern IPA, which I tipped down the sink after three sips. It was like chewing plants! Thankfully I had a Liberty C!tra on hand to wash the taste out.

And in case anyone cares (you know you do), I came second in the pizza competition with my Autumn-themed apple, gouda, bacon and sage and caramalised onion pizza. It was kinda like an apple tart – but better because it had bacon and cheese!*

*Recipe available on request in exchange for beer. 
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  1. Shame about the Sprig… their beers are really good. You sure it wasn’t someting you’d just eaten (or brushed your teeth with?)

    • Nah, I’ve tried Sprig and Fern beers in the past and liked them (which is why I bought this one), but it just didn’t taste right. Maybe I got a dud bottle.

  2. Prefilled riggers are always risky.

  3. Hey, sorry you did not have a good experience with your Sprig and Fern IPA. We will look into why this might have happened. In the meantime please email us via the S&F website so we can organise a replacement rigger.

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