#234 Kaimai – Golden Rye Ale

Once again, a regrettable lack of flash.

Name: Golden Rye Ale
Brewery: Kaimai Brewing (Mt Manganui, NZ)
Style: Rye Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Coco’s Cantina on K rd

Something tells me that purchasing a Golden Rye Ale might be a bit of a gamble.

If it is then think I did OK. Mine was good – sweet and tasting of honey, bread (or perhaps rye), and some citrus from the hops. It was clean and crisp, and cut through the amazing Parmesan-crusted polenta chips from Coco’s Cantina (s’cuse the plug) beautifully.

However. I’ve seen other reviews of this on ratebeer.com, and lots and lots of people said it was sour. One even said it was like a lambic.

Either the recipe has changed, my sour-buds have been permanently damaged by last weekend’s Kriek, or some bottles of the Kaimai Rye Ale have been infected, because mine wasn’t so much as a little bit tart.

That said, sour beer is almost impossible to come by in Auckland, so if there are some infected bottles floating around, perhaps I ought to try and seek them out?

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  1. It is hit and miss. I’ve had several that went bad and very sour, undrinkable. And one that was actually very nice, with the citrus and honey notes over a rye bread background. But Its hard to tell if that’s even right. We should probably get in touch with Kaimai and see what they have to say about it. There seem to be so many bad ones out there they may be better to recall it…

  2. If you start running out of beers, come to HOPSCOTCH, I would love to fill your growler.

    • Hugh that is the most awesome thing I have ever heard. “I would love to fill your growler”. I hope that’s on your business card.

  3. Kaimai is a real dice-roll. About half the bottles I’ve had personally have been god-awfully infected. Which is a damn shame, because I’ve loved the porter and really-liked the golden on several occasions each.

    My only photography tip is to carry a cigarette lighter; the light from them is nice and warm and non-brutal. I’m a bartender (and well-prepared nerdy-type anyway), so I’m usually carrying one — but there’s probably one within blagging-distance on most beer-drinking occasions, too.

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