#228 McCashin – Stoke Bomber Bohemian Ale

In hindsight I should have perhaps used the flash.

Name: Stoke Bomber – Bohemian Ale
Brewery: Mccashin Family Brewery (Nelson, NZ)
Style: Golden Ale
ABV: 5.3%
Source: Rakinos (Auckland)

Bah, humbug!

I don’t mean to sound like a grumpy old scrooge, but this beer was almost completely ruined for me by the fact that it cost a whopping $22. 

It’s not Stoke’s fault – I see it retails at Regionals for the much more sane price of $8.50, but for some crazy reason the bar that I drank it at, Rakinos, had bumped it waaaaay up.

“Why did you buy it then, you bleeding idiot?” I hear you ask. Good question. I bought it because it was five minutes to midnight, I hadn’t had my beer of the day, and this was the only beer at the bar I hadn’t blogged about. Desperate times indeed.

And what did it taste like?

It’s hard to say as I was busy muttering things like “Highway robbery!” and “Back in my day, you could buy a puncheon of beer for a ha’pence”, and shaking my cane at the bar staff and such. But I definitely thought it tasted like something I should be drinking in the sun, with a picnic, rather than in a loud dark bar. It had a little zingy citrus, a medium and quite dry mouthfeel, and some honey sweetness from the malt.

Not a very useful description, I know. But what can you expect? I was hurting people, I was hurting. 

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  1. I bought an Emerson’s Pilsner at Rakinos a while back and I think it was $18. Their prices are just silly.

  2. You’ve gotta pay for the attitude those bar staff give you!

  3. We’d hate for this to leave a bad taste in your mouth as the Bohemain Ale is a seriously good drop. if you email me your address to emma@mccashins.co.nz we’ll send you up a box of the rest of our Stoke Bombers for you to try for free!

    At least Rakinos stocks good beer.! I’d rather pay $18 or $22 for for a decent beer than being dragged along to a bar by your friends who rate it only to find they don’t have any craft beer. And you pay about at least $8 for a 330ml bottle of mainstream beer … so you’re getting double this in a Bomber bottle (650ml).

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