#227 Beat Brewing – Barley Wine

Name: Barley Wine
Brewery: Beat Breweing (homebrew, Auckland)
Style: Barley Wine:
ABV: ?
Source: Stu Harwood

Several months ago, at a friends’ gig out at Leigh Sawmill, a homebrewer covertly slipped me two bottles of beer in a black bag.

One of them was his version of Digital IPA, and it was really very good indeed. 

The other was this Barley Wine, which he had warned was very strong, and possibly pretty bad.

Stu’s bottle of Barley Wine had been sitting on my shelf for months, as I’d been too afraid to pop the cap on a 750ml bottle of God-knows-what percent beer.

But then on Friday night I came home from dinner and I said to my flatmates, I said to them: “Goddamit I want to get drunk!”

It turned out I already was drunk (I’d been drinking wine all night at Sunday Painters ),and so didn’t make it through much of Stu’s Barley Wine at all. I was however conscious enough to observe the following:

  • It was better than I expected. It had some nice fruity flavours as well as a toffeeish malt presence. Probably some other things too, but looking back at my notes I see I didn’t make any.
  • It was farking strong. In fact I renamed it gnarley wine and laughed for quite a while at how clever I thought that was.
  • It was really too strong. The alcohol burn was quite harsh and there wasn’t enough syrupy malt to smooth it out. Still – if I hadn’t already been drunk it would have definitely done the trick.

Apologies to Stu for abusing your beer somewhat, and apologies to my Mum who is always telling me not to talk about being drunk on the blog. (Although I might add that it was her that got me loaded up at dinner in the first place.)

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  1. There’s a Californian brewery called Lagunitas that actually named their barley wine Olde GnarleyWine. From all reports it’s very good but it’s not a style I find all that enjoyable, so I’ve yet to try it.

  2. Ow only just saw this. No apologies necessary, I think we’re both in total agreeance!

    Next time: Less booze, smaller bottles.

    Maybe tear off the label of a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot?

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