#225 – Independent Breweries – Haägen Blonde

Haagen BlondeName: Haägen Blonde
Brewery: Independent Breweries (NZ)
Style: Low-carb lager
ABV: 4.7%
Source : Finn’s parents

Tuesday night’s beer was a slightly disastrous one – in  fact it nearly didn’t happen at all.

I had been out at a work/media function thingee, drinking far too much wine for a school night and readying myself for a juicy hangover in the morning. I got home, gulped back a pint of water, took a panadol and got ready for bed.

Then I remembered about My Bloody Blog. 

I opened my beer cupboard, only to find that everything in there was at least 8%, 750ml, or far too special to be drunk as an afterthought. They wouldn’t do, so I had to go next door and get a beer from Finn’s parents.

This was my first experience with low-carbohydrate beer, and I wouldn’t be rushing back to have another one. Actually, it was better than I expected – with a little bit of hop aroma and some honeyish malt, but in the mouth it was empty. The Beer Who Wasn’t There.

Are low-carb beers really that much better for us, or is it partly just a marketing stunt, like diet water? I see this has the same amount of calories as a standard lager, so does that mean it would be just as fattening? I don’t know. I’m not Dr. Atkins. I’m going to finish this blog and have a real beer now.

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  1. Its said it has an apples worth of carbs less that a standard mainstream golden lager. Its a have.

  2. I’d wager that you’d be worse off with the low-carb beer given that you have 0.7% more alcohol and the calories to boot than your average mainstream beer. I did go off just now and try to do the maths on it, but it’s Saturday night and I’ve had too much beer for maths.

    As an aside, do you live next door to your boyfriend’s parents? I can’t decide whether that’s awesome or terrifying.

    • Haha, actually, they live in the SAME HOUSE but in separate, self-contained quarters. And then there’s 6 of us flatting in the main house part. It’s both awesome AND terrifying!

      (Just kidding Maggie and Jeff, it’s only awesome.)

      • Given that I live across a major ocean from both my in-laws and my parents (a distance that suits me fine), I’m quite impressed.

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